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Slot Machine Tips

There are many useful slot machine tips that one can give, especially to the novice gambler. Although the slots have a relatively high house edge compared to games such as blackjack or craps, it's not impossible to make it big. One of the most important aspects of succeeding is what machine you pick and how you play it.

Below is a list of slot machine tips that I personally found useful in my slots career. They're a sure-fire way to get you started on the right foot and make your game more enjoyable - and successful.

Tip 1: Get on the right machine
If you've read the slot machine secrets section, you will know that loose slot machines do exist. Since it is possible to find out at a casino, check key areas such as the slot aisles, around kiosks, or near change booths. Also, make sure that the coin denomination is suitable for the type of game you wish to play.

Tip 2: Always play maximum coins
When picking a machine to play, pay attention to the coin denomination and make sure that you can afford to bet the maximum number of coins. This will give you a chance at winning the jackpot. Trust me, you'll be kicking yourself later on if you get the winning combination and realized that you only played one coin.

Tip 3: Play 3-reel slots
There are more and more slot machine variations available to us, many of which may look much more appealing than the old 3-reel machines; however, as boring as these popular slots may be, they still offer the best odds out of any in the selection.

Tip 4: Check your slots card regularly
If you're using a slots card, make sure that it is inserted properly and all the way. Sometimes the card can shake loose as the game intensifies and you won't be awarded your points. Try to prevent this misfortune by checking the card on a regular basis.

Tip 5: Extend your play
By using coins rather than bills, you can extend your time at the slot machine, thus allowing yourself to have fun for a while longer. Before you make a final decision, however, check the payout table and make sure that it's worth your time.

Tip 6: Keep an eye on your payroll
Since the payroll is what keeps you playing (plus whatever you gain in winnings), make sure to keep a good eye on it. As much as it may hurt, once the payroll is gone, it's an indication that you should take a break. Knowing when to stop is one of the most important slot machine tips; it keeps you out of trouble. As revealed in the slot machine secrets section, playing for a longer period of time does not necessarily give you a greater chance of winning.

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