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Pachislo Slot Machines

Pachislo slot machines are a great alternative to regular American slots. With a slightly bulgier look, they vary somewhat from the slot machines that most of us are used to seeing in American and also European casinos; however, perhaps the most significant difference is their function.

I'm sure you've wondered at some point as to whether or not the way you pull the lever influences the final outcome. Well, in case you haven't found the answer yet, it doesn't on a regular slot machine since the outcome is already determined prior to you pulling the arm. What makes Pachislo slot machines special is that they allow you to take fate into your own hands by letting you stop the reels. I guess it would be safe to say that playing one of these is a game of skill rather than a game of chance.

Because these Japanese designs are a novelty in numerous countries across the world, many have turned it into a successful business opportunity. Owning a Pachislo machine is not only a great way to save money but also an excellent way of entertaining. Below are a few links to places that specialize in the preservation and sales of Pachislo slot machines.

Pachislo Slots
Located in New York, PachisloSlots buys slot machines previously used in Japanese Casinos and refurbish them. When purchasing a Pachislo machine, you will also get 250 free tockens, owners manual keys as well as a limited one year Warranty.

Sleal Home Amusement
Authentic Pachislo machines imported from Tokyo and delivered right to your home or business. You can also find other Pachislo parts such as tokens, balls, and auto top kits.

NOTE: I am not affiliated with any of these sites and thus, cannot be held accountable for any inconvenience encountered resulting from the purchase of their items.

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