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Progressive Slots

This type of slot machine is by far the easiest to spot in a casino. Just watch for the flashing, bright neon sign with a continually increasing number just above the tops of the machines. Progressives are often referred to as dynamic jackpots because their number is constantly changing (for the better). There is no doubt that progressive slots are more exciting to play, since there is always more at stake the longer you play. That is, until someone hits the jackpot, at which point it goes back to a preset number.

The way progressives work could be a little confusing if you're hearing it being explained for the first time. First of all, most casinos hook up all the progressive machines to one big jackpot. The coins dropped into any of the machines counts towards the jackpot.

There are usually several machines on the casino floor that are hooked up to one big jackpot, allowing a player on any of the machines to hit it. Based on what I told you in the slot machine secrets section, it could be that one or a few of the progressive slots are loose or tight depending on their physical placement on the floor. Pay close attention to the location of the machine before you sit down at it.

When playing progressive slot machines, just as is the case with the rest of the slot machines, the top jackpot can only be won if betting the maximum number of coins. So remember, if that's what you're going for, make sure you put in the right amount before pulling the handle. With that said, here are some great online places that offer progressive slots. Have a look.

This is one of the best sites around to sum it all up for you. Chose one of 6 different progressive jackpots and play it at one of 5 different online casinos. OnlineCasino.com gives you all the information you need to get you started. Aside from progressive slots, you also have the option of joining the free slots tournaments (among others) with the chance of winning real prizes. Check it out.

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