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Slot Machine Secrets

Well, I can tell you that it's much easier to figure out and understand slot machine secrets than it is men. Really, slots are quite simple in the way they work; however, the fact that it's a game of chance makes some people wonder, giving birth to new theories and myths.

Even today, slot machines are consider by some a big mystery. It's easy to suspect while playing a slot machine that it could be malfunctioning or that someone made a mistake or even worse, that someone tampered with it to offer lower odds. Don't worry about it; that's what this section is here for - to tell you the biggest slot machine secrets and set some records straight.

Secret 1: Pure Luck
Winning at slot machines isn't dependent on how you pull the handle or how you insert the coins. It doesn't matter how long the machine has been played and how many times is paid out. The reality of playing slot machines is that it's simply pure luck. Each time you pull the lever, you stand the same chances of winning. So, slow down and relax. If it's meant to happen - it will!

Secret 2: Physical placement of the slot machine makes a difference
Paying special attention to where the slot machines are located is very important when it comes to selecting a good one. The physical placement of the machine often reflects how loose or tight the machine is.

Secret 3: There are 'loose slots'
This is probably one of the most contemplated of all slot machine secrets. Do they or don't they exist? The answer is simple: they do because it benefits the casino. The main reason why casinos employ loose slots is to draw more attention and invite more individuals to play them. Normally, they will be placed in busy areas such as near change booths, on elevated carousels, near coffee shops or near slot aisles (also known as crosswalks). The more people witness a hit on a slot machine, the more will be inclined to play them.

Secret 4: There are 'tight slots'
In order to make up for the lost house edge on loose slots, the casinos also have tight slot machines. These are usually placed in less buys areas where there is less potential of a person being interested in playing them such as table areas (they like it more quiet), near ticket lines, or near a sports book area.

Secret 5: All slot machines are different
Although the machines may all appear the same to the naked eye, there are differences that set them apart. When you walk into a casino, you'll see the flashing signs, and the beautiful jackpot advertisements on nearly every machine. This, however, does not mean that all of them have that same jackpot to win. So, shift your attention to the payout table rather than the big flashing signs.

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